Our Services: Home Health Aide


Use different therapy intervention programs to avoid any health decline.


Home health aide services are ordered by your doctor. They are occasionally recommended by the visiting nurse or your Case manager after home visit/assessment.

 The home health aide assists you with personal care such as bathing, grooming, dressing and other personal hygiene needs.

The aide also helps you maintain a safe and healthy environment by following infection control standards and fall precautions.

If recommended by your Case manager and approved by your insurance, the home health aide can assist with housekeeping duties, meal preparations, laundry, grocery shopping etc.

Excel Health Services has;

  • A functional BACK-UP plan.  24/7 on call numbers. 
  • 614-598-7536 – Aide Coordinator
  •  614-218-4177 – Nurse on Call

Let Excel Health Services provide you or your family with the best in home healthcare.

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