Our Services: Skilled Nursing


Our nurses are there to take care of your healthcare needs of those of a family member.

SKILLED NURSING. May be ordered by your doctor for  the following:

The nurse will assist you in understanding your condition and work with you to achieve compliance, know the signs and symptoms to call 911 and when to call your nurse.

The nurse will review your medications, work with your pharmacist to ensure that you have the medications as prescribed by your doctor. The nurse works with you to ensure that you understand how and when to take your medications and will help you schedule your medication if you are unable to do so.

The nurse will administer your home medications if ordered by your physician.

The nurse will work with your physician, case manager and Insurance company to maintain continuity of your care and order additional services when you need them.

Wound care as ordered by doctor.

Let Excel Health Services provide you or your family with the best in home healthcare.

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